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Making business from UK children birthday party events

children birthday party planners UKIt sounds a little crazy, but there is an opportunity to earn some money from a simple blog post about one’s children birthday event. No, you do not need to pretend a clown or any other mascot, just promote any birthday website by advertising some special links in your personal website, social network or blog post. Email signature or social networking are also great ideas.

Earning at UK child birthday party affiliate program

Every party service can be sold via affiliate network – the group of people who can promote any goods or services in their websites and bring some decent traffic to your main website. Children birthday party is not a different service, therefore party planners has launched a new affiliate program at This affiliate program is dedicated to the parenting market which is absolutely huge in United Kingdom and booming. Every blog author can register at, generate the text link or banner and put the code to his or her website. The advertisement does not cost much time to start.  At present moment there is a possibility to advertise 2 events for children:
  • Spy birthday party – kids are playing spies and secret agents at home or local bar with children playground. They are on several missions and get acquainted with some special equipment such as bug detector or polygraph (lie detector). Event lasts for 2 hours and is suitable for 7-12 years old boys and girls.
  • General Birthday party – the outdoor birthday party which take place in nearby park, public forest or any other public place in a woodland. Children are divided into two groups and must do some missions acting like real soldiers. Event lasts for 2 hours and is suitable for 7-12 years old boys and girls. No additional camo equipment is needed as everything is prepared by entertainers.

Children parties - long term business

The advertising of Spy and General’s Birthday is profitable in a long term period only. 20 percent deal promises some good earnings, but some effort must be done to turn the website ads into a profit. Every effort requires some time; therefore affiliate marketing is a long term business. Patience is a virtue here, especially when earnings are not received immediately.

In order to register at affiliate program, no affiliate experience is needed.

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