February 8th, 2011

Marius, Maruxz

Hen party in London, UK

Hen party has nothing to do with farm life, eggs, hens, roosters and chicken. It is a sexy and crazy girls-only type of party with lots of drinks, laughs, sexy costumes, dances, games and fun. Such party is held some time before the wedding to celebrate the last days of freedom of a future bride. The hen party has derived from UK as in Victorian times men, who attended the public parties unaccompanied has been called "stags". Later they started to gather without women on purpose before the wedding. In 60's when women have started fighting for their rights to go out and behave like men, the hen party was born. Now these parties are very popular among young people.

It has been estimated, that UK hen and stag market is worth 300 million pounds. The main venues include hen party toys, dresses, party planners, souvenirs and gifts and even travel abroad. This is very significant part of British economy.

UK Hen party is full of various attractions and games. The party is organized by the chief maid or bride herself. Only women are invited. Some dress code is common - the most popular hen party themes are devils and angels, nurses, soldiers, movie stars etc.

The extreme events are offered not only for stags, but hens as well. Hen party participants can choose 4x4 drive, parachuting, canoes, hot air balloon, military party, paintaball etc. There are plenty of other ideas, which are common in UK.