October 14th, 2009

Marius, Maruxz

Poker Blog sites

Poker bloggers are happy people. They have so many options of creating, updating and promoting their poker blogs. Recently Poker 2.0 Blog has listed TOP 20 poker blog engines dedicated ONLY to poker related blog posts. The list is absolutely impressive because it has evaluation by 10 criteria.

The list contains the descriptions of main poker blog communities which are good technologically. However the main issue is not covered. One of the main reasons why poker blogger should not choose Blogger, Wordpress or LiveJournal free blogging platforms is that poker blog communities automatically generates visits and readers without much effort. Also such blogs have better SEO options, because they are already listed in the directories, so writer do not need to worry about displaying the blog posts to Google results.

What do you think about writing your poker blog. Where it would be?